This is a guest blog by an Enterprise Marketplace Partner

iSAMS and SOCS have partnered to create a better experience for teachers, parents, and pupils.

SOCS offers five interlinked modules that make it easy to manage all aspects of school co-curricular, music tuition, transport, sports, and the school calendar. It’s the market leader in HMC schools, state schools, academies, and independent prep schools. Planning, attendance, reporting, and communication are all catered for.

Over 1,000 schools worldwide use SOCS to manage every aspect of their non-academic provision.

SOCS can save a huge amount of time for teachers but, as with so many outstanding applications developed for the education sector, its full potential is truly realised when it works in tandem with a school’s MIS. Integration with iSAMS, the fastest-growing management information system for schools, eradicates the need for double entry of data and, with that, the risk of human error.


As an iSAMS Partner, SOCS has access to iSAMS APIs and support, which means that SOCS schools can auto-sync the data stored on iSAMS with their SOCS modules. This provides a secure, reliable data connection and consistently up-to-date information on both software systems, with no risk of confusion, contradiction, or duplication.

Just like iSAMS, SOCS is browser-based with no hardware to maintain - keeping cost of ownership low.

The five modules of SOCS – calendar, tuition, co-curricular, transport and sport – make it easy for teachers to manage their operations and update their community. The power of iSAMS bolsters the system with consistent data, guaranteeing that teachers work from the latest, most accurate information and that everyone, from staff to pupils to parents, sees exactly what they need to. It’s a powerful partnership.