The end of year exams for GCSE, AS, A-level and IB students in the UK are set to be replaced by teacher-assessed grades for the 2021 academic year. As a result, reports and historical grades, test results and student assessment data will play an important part in shaping the future of students’ educational careers in years to come.

To give academic staff the best possible support over the coming months, we wanted to highlight some useful tools we offer.

iReport App

Our iTeacher App already offers teachers more than just taking the class register: teachers get access to all student profiles, timetables, cover availability, and can send important communications. With the iTeacher App schools then also have access to our iReport App. The iReport App empowers your teachers to write reports on the go from their mobile device or tablet. If they want to make additional notes or start a report from their mobile device, this will then be saved and appear in iSAMS for the next time they log in to the system via a desktop.

student assessment iReport

Key iReport features include:

  • Write reports – Easily and conveniently write your school reports for various report types within the reports tab.
  • Add assessment grades – Input assessment grades for your students using the assessment tab.
  • View status of reports – See how many reports you have left to do by viewing the status of your reports.
  • Ability to mark as a draft, incomplete or ready for proofreading – Mark the status of your reports as you go to keep on top of your report workload.
  • View a student’s past grades and comments – Quickly and easily see a student’s past grades and associated comments.
  • Dictate your reports using voice command – Use Siri or any virtual assistant to dictate your reports on the go.



We recently launched Gradebooks, a new module designed from the ground up to enable teachers to enter marks, grades and test results throughout the year. The module allows teachers to effectively monitor progress over time, share information with students and parents, and feed it into the reports cycle and our Tracking Manager module.

Key Gradebooks features include:

  • Individual or Global – Assign a gradebook to an individual teacher or at a global level by subject or department heads.
  • Multiple Column Types – Include numeric data, grade set from dropdown list selection, custom values, calculated columns and data from other gradebooks.
  • Auto Set Changes – Assign sets to global gradebooks so that students can be entered automatically.
  • Powerful Filters – Use filters to create specific views of the data and highlight under- and overachieving pupils.
  • Reports Push & Sync – Export gradebook data to the reports system on individual teachers or at a global level.
  • Excel Outputs & Inbuilt Reports – Export gradebook data to Excel and assign data to custom reporting services reports.
  • Publish Results – Publish gradebook results directly to the Student and Parent Portals.

Tracking Manager

Our Tracking Manager module gives academic staff the ability to pull information such as grades, positions, results and test scores from other iSAMS modules, and then create models of performance data. This data can then be used to analyze the performance of individuals or groups of students over time, providing a particularly useful point of comparison for schools to measure the effects of the pandemic on student progress.


Already using iSAMS?

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