We had another great year here at iSAMS in 2023 – with some exciting new product releases and updates, as well as plenty of events! We can’t wait to see what 2024 will bring for both us here at iSAMS, and our client schools.  

Before we get engrossed in the exciting prospects of 2024, we’d like to take a look back at 2023 and our iSAMS highlights for the year. 

Our top 10 moments from 2023: 

Our year in numbers: 

  • 180 new schools joined our growing community 
  • 1,500 schools spanning 90 countries have now chosen iSAMS 
  • 1.4 million student profiles now managed within iSAMS 
  • 8 in-person User Groups hosted with over 260 schools registered to attend 
  • 1,775 schools registered for our 6 webinars hosted 

Welcoming our 1,500th school to our growing community 

iSAMS began in 2005 as we welcomed our first two schools, Rugby School and Warwick school. As we grew over the following four years, we made the decision to progress internationally in 2009, with our first iSAMS international schools in Singapore and Qatar.  

As we expanded across the UK and internationally, we recognised the need for more support for our schools. That’s why we opened our Sydney support centre in 2018, enabling schools to get swifter responses to tickets and work with a team in a much more accessible time zone.  

We have continued to grow and expand our school client base year on year. In 2023, we were thrilled to welcome our 1,500th school to our still-growing community of iSAMS schools. We’d like to thank every single one of our schools for helping us to achieve this milestone, and we look forward to continuing to find more ways to support you every single day.  

We launched our upgraded Ideas Portal 

We were pleased to announce the launch of our upgraded Ideas Portal at the end of 2023. The Ideas Portal has always been an opportunity for iSAMS users to make suggestions or provide ideas on how best to develop the system. You can submit feature ideas or make suggestions on amendments to existing features, workflows, and interfaces. 

With the recent upgrade, our goal was to continue to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard, whilst improving the organisation and management of suggestion threads. This will ultimately enable us to better progress with the enhancements that schools desire most! 

Learn more here: iCommunity 

We launched iSAMS Central: A powerful BI reporting solution  

This year, we announced the launch of our game-changing BI reporting solution, iSAMS Central. Harness the power of your school’s MIS data with data analytics driven by Microsoft Power BI and API technology for improved school performance.   

iSAMS Central provides leaders and data managers with an instant school-wide view. With customisable inbuilt dashboards, users can access the most important information in a palatable format and effortlessly uncover the real story of their school’s performance. 

To learn more about iSAMS Central, read here: iSAMS Central 

We partnered with Social Media Check 

iSAMS partnered with Social Media Check to provide schools with an easy-to-use tool for identifying potential issues in a candidate's online history. Social Media Check scans private and public posts across major social media platforms using the latest machine learning technology and algorithms.  

The technology provides a full, interactive, and auditable report in minutes, drastically reducing admin time for recruitment staff. The search also requires the individual’s consent, ensuring the system is fully GDPR compliant, and is an approved partner of key social media platforms. Integrating Social Media Check into your recruitment processes also ensures that you meet government KCSIE guidance, in the UK. 

Read more about our partnership here: iCommunity 

iUniversity announced its first certification exam courses and launched 18 new free courses 

We were so excited to introduce our first-ever certification exam for iSAMS Admissions! With 45 multiple-choice questions covering all areas of the admissions module, you'll have the opportunity to demonstrate your iSAMS knowledge and best practices. Impress your colleagues and gain recognition for your expertise in your admissions software. Learn more here: iCommunity 

2023 also saw the launch of 18 free courses for iSAMS users and teachers! Our Bitesize courses were created to help schools overcome some common concerns or queries and make the most out of their iSAMS solutions. The free teacher courses are also a great resource for ensuring your staff can utilise their software and apps effectively. Learn more here: iUniversity 

ISBA bursars share their experiences with using iSAMS and iFinance 

We really enjoyed our time at the ISBA Annual Conference in 2023 and were grateful for the opportunity to catch up with so many of you from our community of bursars.  

We spoke in detail to finance representatives from Christ College Brecon, St Martin’s School, Brentwood School, and Eastbourne College. They talked us through how they use iFinance on a daily basis and told us about their favourite features! 

Hear what they had to say about iFinance and iSAMS here: iSAMS for Bursars 

More schools utilised Microsoft SDS with our powerful OneRoster API 

The iSAMS OneRoster API offers continuous connection across your iSAMS MIS data stores and your Microsoft Office 365 systems, without the need to manually generate and update CSVs, ensuring that your class data is always up to date throughout the school year.  

Process efficiency allows your school admin teams to focus on keeping your school running smoothly, rather than updating class lists. The iSAMS OneRoster API automated synchronisation provides the peace of mind to know that your school’s Microsoft data updates daily. 

To learn more about this powerful integration, read here: iCommunity 

We launched a range of new product features, including: 

Click the relevant links below to learn about each new product release from 2023! 

  1. Medical Appointments in Central – Click HERE 
  2. Bulk editing and Rewards and Conduct in Registration Manager – Click HERE 
  3. Report Mapping in Gradebooks – Click HERE 
  4. Alternative Domains – Click HERE 
  5. Cover Retention in Timetable Manager – Click HERE 
  6. Improved Admissions Register – Click HERE 
  7. Reporting Services Packages – Click HERE 
  8. Split charging in Fee Billing and improved invoicing – Click HERE 
  9. Timetabling scheduling in Timetable Manager – Click HERE 

Our informative webinars were so popular 

We were thrilled to host some exciting virtual events during 2023. We’d like to thank our guest speakers and experts for helping us with these events and providing us with some vital insights into a variety of areas of our industry. You can find out more and find the links to watch the webinars below. 

Safer recruitment in schools 

In this webinar, we heard from two expert speakers tackling the subject of safeguarding the recruitment processes within schools. Discussions covered: 

  • Complying with Keeping Children Safe in Education guidelines 
  • Automating social media background checks on shortlisted candidates 
  • Protecting your school or group's reputation 
  • Identifying risks such as toxic language, extremist groups, hate speech, swearing and profanity, potential nudity, negative sentiment, and terms or keywords specified by your school 

Watch the webinar here. 

Introducing Central: BI reporting 

In this webinar, we introduced our innovative new analytics and reporting solution for independent and international schools, iSAMS Central. 

Driven by PowerBI technology, Central is a powerful reporting solution designed specifically for independent and international schools. The system provides intelligent insights into school performance by harnessing the data stored in your iSAMS software or any other MIS, supporting the development of both your school and your students. 

Watch the webinar here. 

Prioritising student wellbeing 

In this webinar, we heard from two expert speakers covering the topical subject of wellbeing in the schools of today. They discussed some of the biggest factors impacting the wellbeing of students, like social media and evolving technology, and provided actionable insights into how to support your students on a daily basis.   

Watch the webinar here. 

We hosted 8 User Groups with over 260 schools registered to attend 

The iSAMS team took to the road once again to host our 2023 User Group meetings! We love our User Group sessions as they provide us with the opportunity to catch up with our schools and enable you to make connections within your regions.  

This year, we held 8 User Group meetings for our iSAMS schools across the world! Over 390 of you registered for these sessions to catch up with the latest iSAMS developments and provide us with your invaluable feedback.  

We can’t wait to get back to visiting schools again in 2024, so we’re pleased to announce the 2024 User Group Roadshow! If you’d like to learn more or find your nearest upcoming User Group, read here: iCommunity 


We hope you all had a lot to celebrate in 2023, and we look forward to supporting you in the coming year! 

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