This is a guest blog by an Enterprise Marketplace Partner

Seamlessly bringing together marketing and admissions.

Ubiq, an iSAMS Enterprise Partner, allows schools to benefit from an integration that joins up the school website and the iSAMS MIS platform.

In taking a data-driven approach to a school website, Ubiq is unique in its ability to deliver powerful admissions data through AMAIS, its digital experience ecosystem (DEE). AMAIS helps the school personalise the customer journey throughout the admissions process. The integration with iSAMS then passes this data directly into the iSAMS admissions module, ensuring that for each family - everything is stored in one place and that this valuable dataset is at the disposal of the admissions team from the moment they make their introductory call.

As well as putting data into iSAMS, we also harness its power to improve the user experience of the website itself. This includes pulling data from individual records in order to personalise certain experiences, using single sign on (SSO) to authenticate parents into password protected sections of the website and synching calendar data from one platform to the other to avoid duplication.

When combining the marketing and communications might of Ubiq’s AMAIS platform with that of iSAMS’ admission module - schools are able to for the first time entwine two strands of the admissions funnel that have until now, remained separate. The benefit to our combined customer base being a more joined up approach to the admissions process that empowers a more personalised and intelligent admissions experience for its prospective families.

If your school is either currently reviewing its school website now or within the next 12 months then please do get in touch with Ubiq at to arrange a demo and learn more about how we partner with iSAMS.

Find out more about Ubiq's AMAIS platform here.