For many countries around the world, things are beginning to look more hopeful in the fight against coronavirus, but schools are still facing practical and administrative challenges to keep students and staff safe from Covid in schools.  

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been working hard to create new tools and utilise different areas of iSAMS' School Management Information System to make things easier for school staff. Here are some of the ways we’re continuing to support our schools as the situation progresses:  

Recording vaccinations  

For many schools, keeping a record of which students have been vaccinated is an important consideration. Thankfully, using the iSAMS Medical Centre module this process is quick and easy for staff to:  

  • Add a vaccination entry 
  • Edit the entry  
  • View an audit log  
  • Link the patient to a vaccination schedule  

The record will show which vaccination the student has received, the date it was administered and the number of vaccinations in the course. When you add an entry to a patient record you can mark it with a level of sensitivity to control who can access it.  

Our track and trace report  

Although self-isolation rules are being phased out in many countries, schools may still wish to run their own track and trace reports should a student or staff member test positive for Covid. 

We designed a Track and Trace report, which lists all students and staff that have come into contact with a selected student between a specified date range and arranges them by the number of times they have been in the same contact group. 

Informing students, staff and parents 

With rules changing often, our Daily Bulletin Manager enables schools to inform specific cohorts of staff, parents and students about significant events in school, such as a return to mandated mask-wearing in classrooms. 

Dealing with a positive case of Covid-19 

If a student or staff member tests positive, there are numerous options in iSAMS School MIS to help staff respond efficiently, including:  

  • Creating bespoke registration codes for Covid-19 statuses to keep teachers informed 
  • Use the Medical Centre module to record positive tests and set the severity of the condition 
  • Create pastoral flags with our Wellbeing Manager module to ensure students are well monitored
  • Track Covid-19 related absences with reports in Registration Manager 
  • Managing new staff cases and staff absences with our Cover Manager module 

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