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Middle East Show & Tell Seminar - iSAMS

iSAMS Middle East Show And Tell Seminar

iSAMS is excited to have been invited to join a Show And Tell Seminar at Dubai College for any schools in the Middle East who are looking to explore an alternative Management Information System (MIS) and/or

Middle East User Group - iSAMS

2018 Middle East User Group

We are pleased to announce we will be hosting an upcoming User Group meeting, along with a number of training courses on offer for our schools in the Middle East. We invite our users to join our

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Start of New School Year MIS Checklist for School Administrators

The start of the new academic year is fast approaching, and many school administrators will be looking to update their MIS systems and processes to support the start of the new school year. We’ve put together

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iSAMS Launches All-Improved MIS User Interface

There comes a moment when every systems’ user interface needs a redesign. That time has come for iSAMS. We’re excited to announce the first phased launch of the all-improved user interface (UI), coming in September 2018,

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iSAMS Launch Solution to Support Wellbeing in Schools

iSAMS today announced the launch of a new module to support wellbeing in schools in the safeguarding of students by recording, monitoring and managing concerns, life events, incidents and general wellbeing. We want to help schools ensure

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iSAMS Helps Schools Improve Staff Performance Online with Review365

Review365 is an app built by Hable, to help our Office365 schools move the staff appraisal process online. It will help schools that offer world-class education improve staff performance and collect valuable data, whilst reducing the admin