10 July, 2023

New school year checklist for MIS administrators

The start of the new academic year is fast approaching and many school administrators will be looking to update their MIS systems...
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10 July, 2023

Busting the myths around MIS migration for independent schools

Your Management Information System is critical to the successful running of your school on a daily basis. That’s why it’s so...
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03 July, 2023

Meet KCSIE guidance with iSAMS and Social Media Check

Child protection and safeguarding is the priority for any school. It’s important to make sure that your students and parents can...
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26 June, 2023

5 ways Fintech has changed cashless systems for international schools

This is a guest blog by an Enterprise Marketplace Partner Most parents will be familiar with the feeling of picking up one of...
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23 June, 2023

5 tips for reducing arrears and managing parent payment

Prompt fee payment is critical to the effective management of your school finances. However, it’s unlikely that every parent will...
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09 June, 2023

Education blogs: Why do you need one?

Blogging remains one of the most popular tools in any marketer's arsenal. Around 77% of internet users are still reading blogs...
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29 May, 2023

Managing cashless payments for schools: What you need to know

Managing incoming payments can be one of the most time-consuming and challenging processes for independent schools. Unlike state...
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19 May, 2023

Key benefits of an online parent portal and parent app for schools

Maintaining effective and clear communication with parents is key to developing positive relationships with your school...
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12 May, 2023

Eco Schools: What you need to know

As our global knowledge and resources grow, we become more aware of the environment and the human impact on its decline. The...
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03 May, 2023

The benefits of iFinance for independent school auditors

Finance and accounts audits are critical for ensuring that independent schools meet financial standards. Since they are...
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