10 April, 2024

Benefits of effective communication in schools

Effective and efficient communication is key in all schools and ensures the full school community is connected. Parents are keen...
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04 March, 2024

Top features in a school app for parents

Dedicated apps have become one of the most commonplace forms of communication for many businesses. For the vast majority of...
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12 February, 2024

How to make your school comms more efficient

Keeping your entire school community connected is vital to maximising efficiency and providing the best learning experience for...
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30 March, 2020

A teacher's guide to speaking to parents

Maintaining a strong line of communication between your staff, students and parents is imperative to ensure the school community...
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19 November, 2019

6 tips for parent teacher communication

Keeping a clear, reliable and steady stream of parent teacher communication is essential. Not only does this significantly...
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07 October, 2019

The dos and don’ts of emergency communications in schools

Your alarm goes off in the morning and, stifling a yawn, you roll over and switch it off. You briefly wrestle with your willpower...
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06 August, 2019

How to launch the iParent app at your school

At the best of times rummaging around in your child’s rucksack in search of that school report or timetable can feel like routing...
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15 February, 2019

SMS for schools to transform your school comms

Whether your school is large, small, or part of a group of schools, communicating with members of staff, parents and students...
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05 December, 2018

Explore our multilingual school apps

Our suite of iPhone and Android multilingual school apps ensure teachers, students and parents can access important...
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