10 August, 2022

5 things you didn’t know iFinance could do

Occasionally we speak to someone at a school who doesn’t know that alongside iSAMS, we offer a fully-integrated cloud-based...
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17 December, 2020

The future of school finance: collaborative accounting in the cloud

A recent report from PwC and the ACCA suggests that a ‘key lesson from the pandemic will be how truly transformative a lot of...
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13 August, 2020

5 recommendations for procurement in schools

With hoards of stationary, masses of educational literature and a wealth of hardware and software to source ahead of each...
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28 April, 2020

Parents can now pay school invoices online

Through our ongoing partnership with leading payments providers, Flywire, in January 2020 we were delighted to announce that...
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02 April, 2020

6 questions to ask when choosing financial management software

The backbone of your school community, efficient financial management is essential to the ongoing success of your school. In...
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26 February, 2019

Can you stick to your school budget and invest in EdTech?

Balancing school budget against new investments is a common challenge across many sectors, and education is no different. With a...
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26 February, 2019

How to prepare fixed asset schedule for your school

All your company and group assets should be managed and stored via a single database, without the need to switch between multiple...
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04 February, 2019

Using iFinance: Workflow Approval

Following on from our exploration of the Fixed Asset Register, today we’ll be looking at another of iFinance’s handy and...
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