29 April, 2021

Futureproofing your school data with cloud hosting

Choosing how and where you store your school’s data is an important consideration. In today’s world, every aspect of school life...
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15 March, 2021

Tools to Support Teacher Workload and Wellbeing

It’s no secret that teachers in today’s world work extremely hard, often wearing many hats and performing several different...
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15 February, 2021

5 Top Tips for Successfully Migrating Your MIS

When we talk to schools about migrating from their current Management Information System (MIS) provider, many have concerns...
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11 January, 2021

New Term Checklist for Independent Schools’ MIS Administrators

The start of a new term can be one of the most stressful times of year for your school’s staff members and Administrators,...
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10 January, 2021

Data Protection and Digital Learning

When the new GDPR laws were enforced across the EU 2018, we all set to work to ensure we could meet the new regulations. With...
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17 December, 2020

The Future of School Finance: Collaborative Accounting in the Cloud

A recent report from PwC and the ACCA suggests that a ‘key lesson from the pandemic will be how truly transformative a lot of...
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03 November, 2020

Using Your School MIS to Monitor, Track, Trace and Inform on Covid-19 Cases

Whilst most students and teachers have now returned to classrooms following school closures earlier in the year, the road ahead...
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03 September, 2020

Your Comprehensive MIS Administrator Checklist for 2020

As the new school year arrives in exceptional circumstances, there are a great many more things to consider than in years gone by.
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28 August, 2020

Tracking Student Medical Requirements

Tracking student medical requirements over time is an essential part of ensuring your students have the best school experience...
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13 August, 2020

5 Recommendations for Procurement in Schools

With hoards of stationary, masses of educational literature and a wealth of hardware and software to source ahead of each...
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